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Yakka Trakka

If you have off-road assets in your fleet, you often have a complex range of tracking needs.


You can just monitor the basics (temperature, power, fuel, battery levels and more), or add features so that the safety of your asset and its operator are no longer in question.


Monitored through management and administration dashboards, with real time tracking of location and telemetric data. it’s invisibly installed under the dashboard in weatherproof casing. Up and running within 30 minutes.


And with OTA upgradeable firmware, downtime is close to nil.


Putting you in control of your fleet.

Key features include:

  • Real time, super accurate data stream

  • Ability to access the vehicle's CAN Bus system

  • Multi-channel GPS signals for high accuracy positioning

  • Back up memory when out of 4G

For a full list of features and options, download our One-Page flyer, or contact us for  more information.

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